Gingarte Capoeira Chicago

Mestre Marisa

Cultivating and transforming communities through Capoeira since 1991.

Thanks for Attending our 2016 Formatura & Batizado! (July 14-17)

Our 25th Anniversary celebration took place July 14-17, 2016. It was a huge success with over 120 participating students. So many thanks go out to our visitors, students, volunteers, and friends and family. Special thanks include: Mestre Tucano, Mestre Marcelo, Mestre Canguru, Mestre Papalegua, Contra Mestre Lobinho, Contra Mestre Cabeção, Contra Mestre Versatil, Professora Sarará, Professora Tiririca, Professor James, Professor Rafael, and Instrutora Bebê

Mestre Marisa promotion
Photo Credit: Luis Luis

If you took any photos/videos during the event please share the love by using the hashtags: #gingarte2016 and/or #gingartecapoeira on Instagram or Facebook.

Many congratulations go out to all our newly promoted students, especially Instrutora Agora, Instrutor Frade, Professor Artista, Professor Girafa, Professor Manhoso, Professor Poderoso, Professor Tamanduá, Professor Urso Polar, and Contra-Mestre Ligerinho. Parabens!

The greatest moment of course was our fearless leader, Mestre Marisa getting her second-degree mestre cord sent and authorized by Mestre Suassuna and presented by Mestre Tucano.


All workshops will take place on the University of Chicago campus at:
Ida Noyes Hall
1212 East 59th Street
Chicago, IL 60637


Thursday, July 14th
5:30-6pm Registration
6:00-7pm Event Opening 
7:00-8pm Capoeira workshop 
8:00-9:15 Roda 
9:15-10pm Dinner

Friday, July 15th
9:30-10am Café da manha
10-11:30am Ensaio com os mestres (performers/Graduados only)
12:00-1:00pm Lunch/registration
1:00-2pm Music workshop (please bring your berimbau)
2:00-3:15 Capoeira workshop
3:20-4:30pm Dance workshop
4:30-5:00pm Break/set up for graduation
5:00-9:00pm Graduation, Performance and Roda
9:00-9:40pm Dinner

Saturday, July 16th
10-10:30am Registration/café da manha
10:30-11:30 Dance workshop
11:45-1pm Capoeira workshop 
1:00-2:15pm roda
2:30-3:30 Lunch
3:30-4:30 Percussion music (bring musical instrument for Batucada)
4:45-6:00pm Capoeira workshop 
6:15-8:15pm Roda (capoeira/dance)
8:30-9:30pm Dinner

Sunday, July 17th
10-10:30am Registration/café da manha
10:30-11:30am Capoeira workshop 
11:30-11:50am Break/set up for batizado
12:00-2:30pm Batizado Ceremony and Roda
2:30-3:30pm Despedida/food