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Cultivating and transforming communities through Capoeira since 1991.


Music is ingrained in capoeira history. Song lyrics tell stories that range from slave history and life as a capoeirista to reacting to how the players move in the game. Percussive rhythms stem from African roots. Instruments command the capoeira roda. Being well-versed in capoeira music is key to being a great capoeirista.

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A traditional Capoeira Regional roda consists of one berimbau leading the roda and two pandeiros. Over the years other intruments have been added to the bateria for Capoeira Contemporânea.


The lead instrument of the capoeira roda, originating from Central Africa, which dictates the style and speed of the game. It consists of a single string of arame (wire), a biriba (wooden bow), cabaça (gourd), vaqueta (stick), caxixí (woven rattle), and a dobrão (rock or coin).


A Brazilian tambourine. When played within a capoeira roda, it has a rhythm similar to that of the atabaque.


A drum which is much like a primitive conga, providing the percussive heartbeat of the roda


Different types of songs for a Capoeira roda include Ladainhas, Quadras, Corridos, and Contemporanea. Songs for other related cultural dances include Samba, Puxada de Rede, Maculele, and Danca de coco.

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