Gingarte Capoeira Chicago

Mestre Marisa

Cultivating and transforming communities through Capoeira since 1991.

Instrutora Biriba

Instrutora Biriba began training with Gingarte Capoeira Chicago in 1997. She spent time training in Brazil with other mestres as well as in Chicago with her teacher, Mestre Marisa, from whom she received her Cordao Azul in 2005. She taught at various locations around Chicago including the Chicago Public Schools, Menomonee Boys and Girls Club, Common Threads, Columbia College, Solao Fitness, and Old Town School of Folk Music. She moved to Lanai, Hawaii in 2013 where she started Gingarte Capoeira Hawaii. Biriba currently lives in New York City and is taking a break from training and teaching to focus on family and career, but hopes to continue learning from Mestre Marisa and her Gingarte family in future years.